von Scaramouche — HEIDI TAILLEFER - Detritus Of Devotion (Canvas)

HEIDI TAILLEFER - Detritus Of Devotion (Canvas)

Edition / Édition: 5
Signed & Numbered / Signé et Numéroté
Technique: Giclée
Canvas / Toile: Hahnemühle Canvas stretched and wrapped over 1.5" museum bars
Image Size / Taille de l'image: 16.5 x 25.5 inches / pouces
Wrapped edges: Black
Year / Année: 2012

Heidi Taillefer on Detritus of Devotion

Detritus of Devotion is a painting about the wars and hatred caused by religious intolerance, and the violence it has incited throughout the ages and throughout the world. The angel descending is Religion personified, constructed of elements symbolizing the worlds three largest monotheistic religions: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

As cousins of each other, they revolve around a commonly shared ancestor, Abraham, or Ibrahim, represented by the goat that was slaughtered in place of his son. Considering this similar origin, the conflicts which have arisen between them seem all the more senseless
and tragic, thus Religion is composed of rats and war apparel, representing the destruction and decay of the love for our fellow man.

The woman lying dead on the ground is Peace, who has been slain by Religion in all its fury. She is distinguishable by the olive-branch crown and twig which she possesses, as well as the barren cornucopia once filled with the fruit of happiness

The setting is middle-eastern from whence developed all three faiths, representing the cradle of civilization. Set before the city of Jerusalem, innocent children of all three faiths weep and mourn the death of Peace, while a procession of crusaders moves past Arab soldiers in the distance, and the four horsemen of the Apocalypse ride ahead of the
oncoming wrath of G-d.


  • Image of HEIDI TAILLEFER - Detritus Of Devotion (Canvas)
  • Image of HEIDI TAILLEFER - Detritus Of Devotion (Canvas)
  • Image of HEIDI TAILLEFER - Detritus Of Devotion (Canvas)